Due to the unpredictable rise of energy bills by more than 50% due to the ongoing energy crisis, owning an energy efficient home has become more important than ever. Our new build homes are built to the latest building regulations meaning they are built to optimum energy efficiency. Including better insulations properties, double glazing, central heating, Solar Panels and LED lighting. Meaning on average buyers of new build buyers of new houses, (as opposed to flats) the savings are even greater at £216 per month, an annual saving of £2,600.

The report ‘Watt a Save’ was done by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) to analyse Government date on the energy efficiency of new builds in comparison to existing homes.

The report found that:

  • On average, buyers of new houses, as opposed to flats the savings are even greater at £216 per month, an annual saving of £2,600.
  • With energy prices set to rise again the Spring, the savings that new builds can offer consumers will increase even further, rising to an average of £2,510.73 a year, and £3,117.85 for houses.
  • New build homes are consistently rated with much higher EPCs than existing dwellings. For homes logged in the year to December 2022, 85% of new builds were rated A or B for energy efficiency, while under 4% of existing dwellings reached the same standards. In contrast, 51% of existing dwellings were rated D or lower, as compared to less than 4% of new builds.
  • The improved energy efficiency of new build homes has a significant impact on their energy use. The average new build property uses approximately 8,618 kWh a year, as compared to older properties which use an annual average of 21,293 kWh.
  • The average new build property cost £1,422.99 to run in the year ending December 2022, just 40% of the cost of an average older property, which was £3,515.48.
  • With the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee increasing in April 2023 to £3,000, average household bills will increase again, as will the savings that new build homes can offer. Under the new prices, the average new build will cost £1,707.42, saving £2,510.73 as compared to buyers of older properties who will be facing bills of an average of £4,218.15. Buyers of houses, rather than flats or bungalows, will see the greatest savings, at £3,117.85 a year.

See the full report here

Considering the cost savings it may be time to make the move to a new Claymore Home! Contact our sales team for more information on benefits of a new build home on sales@claymorehomes.co.uk or on 01779 821115.

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